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Saturno - insoles cutter

  • Cutting insoles machine capable to work with stripes, and/or sheets until to the considerable size of 1500x1500 mm, or with roll. Cut's preciseness and quality is guaranteed by a new model of a patented punch. The machine is able to work in a continuous cycle because it has got a warehouse of loaded/unloaded of the cut pieces. Thanks to a powerful CAD system, you can acquire an insole throughout a scanner and effect sized development. As the plan is showing, from the design you can:
    - Acquire the basic sole with the scanner or loaded the sole in DFX format exported from another CAD system.
    - Grade in sizes the basic loaded sole.
    - Set up the working quantities throughout the label.
    - Set up sheet's sizes according to the kind of work (stripes, sheets or roll).
    - Activate function of soles automatic placing on the sheet (nesting).
    - Export the obtained work towards the cut machine.

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