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Saturno 2


  • The cutting system "Saturno Cutter" has been created specifically for cutting any type of insoles. The good quality of cutting has been achieved thanks to our patented technology. This technology allows also to get a good productivity; the system can work to a speed of 25 m/min. The machine can work sheets of 1500 x 1500 mm, doubled strips of any type, reels up to a maximum width of 1500 mm and up to a depth of 6 mm, the selection of the different type of work is done with simple operations, in the design phase, through the relative systems of "New  Cad". The machine has a large storage capacity for the material to cut. Strips, sheets, and the loading can even be done while the machine is operating. The cut pieces are placed on a mat in order of direction and cut, aiding the manual face of the stockage. The machine works automatically without any interventions apart from the loading/unloading of material, both for large and small scale production, the simplicity of the system allows a easy use. The cutting system "Saturno Cutter" used together with "Saturno Cad" solves the everyday problems of handling orders and sampling required from sole manufacturers, obtaining a product of any type in a very short time with a simple and economical operation.

  • Output:1000 pairs/hour
    Air:250 l/m 7 Bar
    Voltage:400 Volt 50-60 Hz
    Dimension:3,10 x 2,40 x h 2,00
    Weight:Kg 2400
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