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Galileo - insoles cutting system

  • The Galileo cut system allows to cut insoles without the use of the press knife. The models that have to be cut are acquired from the cad automatically and if it is necessary to modify a insole design (model) the CAD system allow for easy modification of it by use of simple functions command. Once the base insole design has been established it is possible to provide the desired various sizes and quantities required, the nesting is elaborated automatically. Such a system allows for a 10% to 15% productivity savings on material usage in comparison to the traditional press knife technique. Our patented cut System allows to cut any kind of rigid material used to produce insoles that is up to 8 mm of thickness, it is also possible to cut multiple sheets. The machine has a load container with automatic feeding. The maintenance of the machine has limited to monthly replacement of the cutting tip. Insoles Cut System can be used with jointed strips or spools (bobbins) - CAD system provides support and functionality for template acquisition, automatic elaboration and nesting of insoles.
    - Our patented CAM mechanical cut technology, is capable to cut insoles up to 8 mm of thickness regardless of the form design of the insole (and including pointed insoles). It is also capable of cutting any type of material , including reinforced metal insoles.
    - The System provides for automatic sheets feeding.

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