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Michelangelo - leather cutting system

  • MICHELANGELO, leather cutting system by vibrant knife. The cutting head has provided of 8 tools with multiple knives. each of it has both an electronic that independent adjustment of the height. One of the press knives can be oriented so to obtain punching that are not only rounds. As knives are independent of each other. it is possible to use they with a different velocity and slopes that allows to have always and in the same time an high level of cutting quality and performances. By an easy mouse operation. the working area can be divided into two areas of variable dimensions, with respect to the operator needs. The 20" LCD monitor has provided of a movement independent system that allows to point it self to look in the direction of the placing area utilised of the operator, this allows to control every operation. A potent vacuum devise provides to block the materiel on the plain and two colour projectors manage the nesting area allowing a very clear visibility of the materiel that must be cut. The building materiel quality, their reliability and the simplicity of the use allows at Michelangelo system to be in the forefront of the leather automatic cutting area and similar.

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