Talamonti Srl- 30 anni
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Talamonti Srl

The history of Talamonti is an appropriate example of the will and efficiency characterize the nature and ingenuity of entrepreneurs Marche. One of the secrets that behind the success of this company is given precisely by the collaboration with customers, a understanding that it was possible to achieve thanks to the innovations distributed in all producing countries of footwear.

The Talamonti has, in fact, a considerable technical support and assistance, as well as great credibility and know-how developed due to multiple applications implemented in the area, which together with their versatility and ease of adaptation are a great investment for the industry.

The challenge posed by the evolution of technical footwear will always be welcomed in every aspect by Talamonti respond to new demands new technologies, without prejudice to those that are the its fundamental characteristic, namely seriousness, reliability and effectiveness.