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Saturno 5

Saturno 5 - automatic CAD/CAM cutting system and unload

Saturno 5, Talamonti's flagship, represents the maximum of innovation and automation; a fully automated CAD/CAM system for cutting sheets, strips and reels.

In addition to preserving the characteristics of the Saturno 2 model, such as: the automatic charger that allows the loading of the material even during the processing phase, the cutting in multi-sheet mode (2,3,4, or more sheets), the manual unloading and the mechanical locking system of the material that replaces the expensive vacuum system, Saturno 5 is completed by an automatic unloading system that divides the cut pieces according to the sole of the foot (left or right) and the size, depositing them on a conveyor belt.

The two big news are: the nesting by hands using the new optical vision system directly installed on the machine and the automatic size printing by means a printer that is able to mark the cut pieces both vertically and horizontally way.

The cutting heads allow the processing of any type of material up to 10 millimeters thick, including fibers, coupled, elastomers, thermoplastic, leather and regenerated leather.

Saturno 5 is therefore designed to guarantee high productivity, a perfectly uniform and high quality processing on both sides of the cut pieces (thanks to the rigid cutting plane) and a high saving of material, labor force and energy consumption.

Model design and selection of working programs can be performed by simple operations using our "lea cad" software.

With Saturn 5 the numbering is done by means of a printer able to mark the pieces cut vertically and horizontally.

The Saturn line has always been the best automatic system for cutting multilayers for large productions.

The new optical vision system allows manual nesting of the pieces directly on the machine.

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Technical details

Air:400 l/min
Voltage:400 V 50-60 Hz
Power:4 KW
Dimensions:4,00 x 2,40 x 1,70 mt
Weight:2550 Kg
Loader:1550 x 1500 mm
Production counterforts/toe cups (multi - sheet):500 pairs each sheet per hour
One sheet production:1200 pairs/hour


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