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Michelangelo 10

Michelangelo 10 - table for cutting materials up to 10mm

Michelangelo is a table for cutting materials up to 10 mm thick. It's able to finish the cutting just in a lap around.

On this cutting table the material is blocked thanks to the sectorial vacuum table and the pressure exerted by the rollers placed on the sides of the cutting tool. These two combined systems allow a finish of maximum precision, even coupling two or more sheets when it needs to increase the production.

It's possible to make excavations, grooves, holes, slots or any other decoration you want. It's also possible to engrave the designs on the film of the leather thanks to special accessories.

Michelangelo is supplied with a basic nesting. On request it can be equipped with an automatic nesting to detect the perimeter of the leather and of all the defects existing on the surface, thus optimizing the waste of material and the working time.

Michelangelo was born to satisfy the needs of those looking for a multipurpose table able to reduce energy consumption and to satisfy all cutting needs of the soles producers such as: micro, leather, cardboard, fibers, tunit, neoprene and so on. The versatility makes Michelangelo very interesting for producers of other product sectors also.

With Michelangelo even in the most deformed and rigid leather rumps the cutting precision is always of high quality.

The pressure rollers are the secret of the cut perfectly in the template that we can obtain in the multilayer too.

The technologies used guarantee large productions even in the cutting of insoles and fibreboards.

The acquisition system is able to detect the perimeter and all the defects present on the leather surface.

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Technical details

Air:100 l/min
Voltage:400 V 50-60 Hz
Power:6 KW
Dimensions:3,77 x 2,10 x 3,00 mt
Working area:3,10 x 1,10 mt
Weight:1400 Kg


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