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Michelangelo Avant

Michelangelo Avant - table for cutting and working leather

Michelangelo avant presents a cutting-edge system based on the quality, reliability and efficiency of used materials.

The cutting head is equipped with 7 tools: blade, marker, pen and 4 dies.

The mechanical transmission is made by gear-rack and ball screws which guarantee the maximum precision and durability.

Michelangelo avant allows to operate continuously on the full working table without distinguishing the cutting areas. This thanks to the characteristic vacuum system that locks the material.

The direct projection is very efficient. It shows a clear and bright view on the worktop. The new user interface as well as the new machine management software, make the operator's job intuitive and highly performing.

High quality in cutting and working leather.

The user interface of the machine management software makes the work of the operator simple and highly performing.

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Technical details

Air:100 l/min
Voltage:400 V 50-60 Hz
Power:6 KW
Dimensions:3,60 x 2,00 x 3,00 mt
Working area:3,10 x 1,10 mt
Weight:1500 Kg


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